44 Cedar Ave
Price Household 1
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Joyce Price[1] (owner)
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Chloe Price (resident)
David Madsen[1] (resident)
William Price[1] (formerly)
Bongo[1] (formerly)

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Chloe's Room

44 Cedar Ave[note 1][1] is the home of Chloe and Joyce Price and David Madsen.


Events of Life of Strange

44 Cedar Ave was the home of the Price family, William, Chloe and Joyce. Joyce and William raised Chloe in their home until William's death in 2008.[1] With William gone, Joyce became the owner of their property. 44 Cedar Ave would later become the home of David Madsen after he married Joyce.

David and Chloe's terse relationship made living conditions in the home tense between all parities occupying the home. David presumably never allowed Chloe to have friends over and was strict about how she played music in the house. At the some point Joyce and David began to experience difficulties with maintaining the payment on the house and eventually fell behind in paying them.[1]

After Max and Chloe break into Blackwell Academy, Max spends the night at Chloe's house. Max and Chloe decide to confront David Madsen about his investigation into the disappearance of Rachel Amber and Kate Marsh's involvement with the Vortex Club.

Joyce questions the methods of his actions as well if Max chooses to side with Chloe and exposes his spying to Joyce.[2] She tells him to find a hotel to sleep at for the night, reminding him that the house is in her name when he argued that she couldn't kick him out.

Alternate Timeline

When Max alters the timeline of her present, William Price is still alive and lives at the Price Household with Chloe. In a wheelchair, the house has been accommodated to suit Chloe's needs.[2]





  1. 44 Cedar Ave, Arcadia Bay, Oregon, 97141


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