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"This is the journal of Antoine Cartier-Wells. Hacker, chess player, social entrepreneur and founder of Memorize."
Chapter 1: The Trigger

Screencap from Chapter 4 of Antoine's Journal.

Antoine's Journal is a web site that allows visitors to explore the narrative world of Remember Me prior to the events of the game. The site employs interactive components, 3D animations, voice acting, live action video and performances to tell an equally tragic five-chapter stories. Antoine's Journal site plays less like a typical Alternate Reality Game and more like a series of episodes told in the format of an Adventure Game, complete with point-and-click elements which reveal new information. The ARG is also linked to social networking media like Facebook and, which expand on the story of Antoine and Sensen.


Dontnod Entertainment's intention with Antoine's Journal was to provide further background information into the world of Remember Me and how Memorize could come to control the Sensen technology without question of motive within the core game itself.

"It was maybe well over a year ago we started pitching ideas for Remember Me. When we pitched to Capcom we had this crazy idea of ‘Remember Me is actually a six-part story, and we’re going to write the first five chapters’. The game itself will be the 6th one. They liked the idea and we went out to Paris to write with the various sci-fi writers that wrote Remember Me. We put together a story that started in 1984, all the way to 2084 where the game takes place."
—Lawrence Kao[1]


Antoine's Journal focuses on the life of Antoine Cartier-Wells and Molly, the creator and co-founder of the Sensation Engine and corporation Memorize. Antoine's Journal covers the whole of Cartier-Wells' ninety-nine years of life in Neo-Paris to San Francisco and the relationships he forges as he creates the technology that will change the world.

"Chapter 1: The Trigger", tells the story of Antoine's youth to his adulthood and the earliest development of the Sensation Engine (or Sensen). "Chapter 2: The Quest", follows the growing relationship of Antoine and Molly, their marriage; the field experimentation with the Sensen headsets and Molly's eventual death after a terrorist attack.

"Chapter 3: The Surprise", chronicles Antoine's struggle to continue on with the Sensen technology in the wake of his wife's death. He forms a new relationship with a young woman named Claudine who later gives birth to his son, Charles. "Chapter 4: The Crisis", places emphasis on the crumbling social and financial structure of Europe and European Civil War that follows in its wake. As he grows older, Antoine works to ensure that the Sensen technology can work to prevent the deaths of innocents.

"Chapter 5: The Resolution", sees an older Antoine disillusioned with his efforts with the Sensen technology and Memorize. As Paris rebuilt into "Neo-Paris", Antoine ruminates over the complacency of mankind with the advancements of technology.


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