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Booth Digby
Booth digby.png
Biographical Information
Species Human
Name Booth Digby
Real Name
Full Name
Known Aliases
Born 1884
Cause of Death Embraced by Jonathan Reid
Age 34
Citizenship British
Physical Description
Blood Quality 4000 XP
Will 4
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Career Information
Affiliations Wet Boots Boys
Occupation(s) Smuggler
Allies Edwina Cox (attached)
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voice Actors Alec Newman
Motion Capture

Booth Digby is a human citizen and a smuggler for the Wet Boots Boys gang.

Digby is a potential victim for Jonathan Reid.


Police File

Name: Booth Digby
Age: 34
Occupation: Smuggler - known links to the Wet Boot Boys gang
Psychological Profile: Mr Digby often shows outward displays of aggression, occasionally resorting to bullying others to get what he wants. This is likely to be an act to hide a cowardly nature, as his demeanour has been shown to crumble under pressure. Mr Digby is highly superstitious, and mistrustful of that he considers “strange”.
Notes: "Known to be in a relationship with an Edwina Cox, who is also under police investigation for links with the Wet Boot Boys gang. Mrs Cox is rumoured to be more dominant of the two. Recent reports claim Mr Digby has been making enquiries in his local area regarding potential job openings, suggesting he may be looking to escape criminal life."



  • Hint #1: Booth may be in love with Edwina Cox, but she is the true leader of the gang. (+500 XP)
    • Conversation Path: "Your life in London?" > "About this part of town?"
  • Hint #2: Booth and Edwina Cox have recently killed a man in retaliation.(+500 XP)
    • Obtained by speaking to Edwina Cox.
      • Conversation path: "Your life in London?" > "Tell me about your work?" > "I am not at all interested."
  • Hint #3: Booth has already tried to find a job, so he could quit the Wet Boot Boys. (+500 XP)
    • Obtained by finding and reading the Cover Letter, which is located in a building on the path to the Docks from Pembroke Hospital.
  • Hint #4: Booth believes in supernatural creatures, and events. (+500 XP)
    • Obtained during the Ghouldiggers investigation, when reading the Warning note on the gravediggers' bodies.