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"Chapter 3: The Surprise"
Chapter 3 The Surprise.png
Antoine's Journal
Title The Surprise
Location(s) San Francisco,
Summary The commercial expansion of Memorize and the Sensation Engine
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Chapter 3: The Surprise is the third chapter in Antoine's Journal. The chapter covers the span of twenty years. With the loss of Molly, Antoine's throws himself into his work in the hopes of bettering the Sensen technology. He meets Claudine, his second wife, and his son, Charles Cartier-Wells, is born.


2020 - 2025

Following Molly's death, Antoine relocates Memorize from San Francisco to Hyderabad, India. His financier, VJ, attempts to tell him that the relocation will give him more freedoms with his technology and work in favor of pay. For two years, Antoine and Memorize work to increase the capacity of the Sensation Engine's abilities. As Sensen continues to grow, Antoine signs agreements with both HUF and VMK to integrate his technology into their holographic sunglasses.

Though the versatility of the Sensen technology grows in declining markets and prospers, he receives considerate backlash from the peoples of India who see Sensen as a means to mind control.

2036 - 2040

Sensen is mass produced and shipped as an application for apps as Memorize continues to prosper. Married for the first time since Molly’s death, Antoine’s wife, Claudine, announces her pregnancy on New Year’s Eve. Charles is born a year later in 2038, however, Antoine remains distant from his new family, his heart still suffering the loss of Molly.

The following year, the tunnel to the English Channel is destroyed by terrorists; his parents are killed by rioters who broke into their home. Antoine blames himself for their deaths, believing his inability to work fast enough with the Sensen technology as the root of the problem.



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