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Chloe's Bedroom

"Chloe's Room" is a location in 44 Cedar Ave.[1]


Chloe's Room the living space of Chloe Price. The room is peppered with elements of graffiti, and posters that overlap atop each other across the walls. From her conversation with Max Caulfield, Chloe spends little time at her home and her room because of the persistent presence of David Madsen, her stepfather.[1]

When the two enter the room after escaping Nathan Prescott at Blackwell Academy, Chloe's room is in a state of disarray and "has changed" since the last time Max saw it almost five years ago.[1]


Like Max's Room, interacting with various highlighted objects in Chloe's room expands on Chloe Price's backstory that is otherwise not privy to Max before she meets Chloe again. Consequence based incidents like knocking Chloe's snowglobe from a shelf in a open closet, and having to hide in the closet (or not) from David Madsen, impact the narrative of the first episode. In two sequences, Chloe's radio plays "Santa Monica Dream" by Angus & Julia Stone and "Piano Fire" by Sparklehorse.[1]





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