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Chloe Price
Chloe Profile.png
Biographical Information
Name Chloe Price
Real Name Chloe Price[1]
Full Name Chloe Elizabeth Price

Punk Ass[2]
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Punk friend[2]
Girl Wonder[3]
Professor Price[3]

Known Aliases
Born March 11, 1994[4],
Arcadia Bay, Oregon

October 7, 2013 (original timeline)[3]
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October 10, 2013 (alternate timeline)[5][6]
October 11, 2013 (alternate timeline)[6]

Cause of Death

Shot in the stomach by Nathan Prescott (original timeline)[2]
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Shot in the head by Mark Jefferson[5]
Killed during the Storm of October 11, 2013 (alternate timeline)[6]

Age 19[4]

Joyce Price (mother)
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William Price (father, deceased)
David Madsen (stepfather)
Aaron Price (uncle)
Dorothy (aunt)
Bongo (family pet, deceased)

Citizenship American
Physical Description
Height 5'9 (1.75m)[7]
Weight 112 lbs (50 kg)
Blood Type
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde (original)
Blue with blonde and pink roots (dyed, current)
Career Information
Occupation(s) Student of Blackwell Academy (formerly)

Rachel Amber (friend, deceased)
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Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance "Episode 1: Chrysalis"
Last Appearance "Episode 5: Polarized"
Voice Actors

Ashly Burch (ENG, Life Is Strange)[8]
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Rhianna DeVries (ENG, Before The Storm)[9]
Lynn (JPN, Life Is Strange)[10]

Motion Capture Gabrielle Hersh[note 1]

"This shit-pit has taken everyone I've ever loved... I'd like to drop a bomb on Arcadia Bay and turn it to fucking glass..."
—Chloe to Max[2]

Chloe Elizabeth Price[1] (1994-2013[note 2]) is the daughter of Joyce and William Price. A resident of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, she is the childhood friend of Max Caulfield.[2] Chloe lost her father in 2008 to a car accident and dealt with the hardships of her loss on her own after Max left for Seattle and her mother remarried to former soldier, David Madsen. Before her expulsion from Blackwell Academy, Chloe met and later fell in love with a girl named Rachel Amber.[5] Six months before the return of Max Caulfield, Rachel disappeared.[2] Chloe maintained a search for Rachel following the closure of the Arcadia Bay Police Department investigation.[11] When Max returns to Arcadia Bay, Chloe is shot and killed by Nathan Prescott, a member of the Prescott Family.[2] Her death triggers Max's ability to time travel and rekindles their friendship. The two begin a search for Rachel together[1] after Max deduces that her disappearance was connected to the bullying of Kate Marsh.[3] Their search eventually unearthed the serial abduction of young women and the grave of Rachel Amber, who had been killed by her kidnapper.[11] A vengeful Chloe is later shot in the head by one of Rachel's killers, Mark Jefferson.[5] When Max attempts to save Chloe's life, she realizes that her ability to manipulate is created the storm.[6] Max is forced with the choice to sacrifice the residents of Arcadia Bay to save her, or sacrifice Chloe and restore the timeline to her original death in order prevent the storm from ever happening.[6]


Pre-Game Events

Chloe was born March 11, 1994[note 3] to parents Joyce and William Price. Raised in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, Chloe lived a comfortable life with her parents. In 1999, her parents bought her a kitten named Bongo. At some point she met Max Caulfield, another Arcadia Bay resident, and the two became friends.

Chloe and Max dreamed of being superheroes and often pretended to be pirates in search of treasure. They believed Seattle to be a fabled faraway island where treasures awaited them.[12]

In 2008, Chloe's cat, Bongo was run over by a passing car.[2] Chloe and Max buried Bongo in her backyard. Soon after, Chloe's father died when a truck smashed into the side of his car, on the way to pick up Joyce from the grocery store. Around the same time, Max's parents decided to move to Seattle, taking Max with them. Chloe was 14 at the time.

The death of her father in 2008 left both Chloe and her mother shaken; Chloe feeling virtually abandoned by her loved ones. When Joyce became romantically involved with David Madsen, a security guard at Blackwell Academy, Chloe dealt with the added burden of a controlling stepparent whom she did not respect.

The death of her father was followed by a complete change in her character: She cut her hair, dyed it blue and adopted punk fashion sensibilities. Additionally, Chloe's grades at school began to suffer by the time she entered high school.[13] Chloe was later expelled from Blackwell Academy.[11]

At some unspecified time Chloe befriended a girl named Rachel Amber. The two became close friends, Rachel Amber pulling Chloe out of her grieving state of mind in such a way that she considered Rachel Amber her "angel". The two mingled with the likes of the skater boys, like Justin Williams and Trevor.[note 4] Chloe and Rachel Amber planned on leaving Arcadia Bay and heading for Los Angeles.

Chloe's involvement with the likes of Frank Bowers, a local drug dealer in Arcadia bay landed her in financial debt. While he taught her useful tricks, like lockpicking[11] and sold her drugs, she owed him at least "three grand, plus interest" after borrowing money to get her and Rachel Amber out of town. Around April 2013, Rachel Amber disappeared after claiming to have met someone who "changed her life". Suspecting something was amiss when she did not return, Chloe created missing persons posters and began hanging them up all over town.

Still determined to gather money for her and Rachel and to pay Frank back, she decided to prey on the likes of Nathan Prescott, son of the wealthiest family in Arcadia Bay. Chloe and Nathan met in a bar that didn’t ask for identification. Nathan was drunk. She attempted to steal money from Nathan, assuming he would be an "easy score", when he spiked her drink. She passed out on the floor of his room. When she regained consciousness, Nathan was crawling over to her and attempting to take photographs. Still groggy from the drugs, she attempted to attack him, but instead kicked a lamp over. Nathan panicked long enough for Chloe to escape.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

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Life Is Strange

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Alternate Universe

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Before The Storm


Life Is Strange

Chloe was a relatively happy teenager, "always smiling" and "laughing".[2] While she was close to both of her parents, photographs of Chloe and her father, William, suggests Chloe was closest to her father. Her attitude took a dark turn following the death of her father and the departure of Max that same year. She became angry and rebelled against her stepfather, who treats her like a grunt or soldier in the military.[2] Her emotional temperament took physical form when she cut her hair and dyed it blue. She also began to use recreational drugs and tattooed her right arm.

Of the people she appears to consider important, Rachel Amber, who Chloe considers an "angel", is the only person who appears to know Chloe intimately and beyond the angry, grieving persona she adopted in the wake of her father's death. Chloe thought Rachel was the only person who thought to considered how she felt about her father and being "abandoned" by Max. Chloe went as far as "replacing" her relationship with Max in favor of Rachel's friendship. Much of Chloe's dialog with Max when speaking about her relationship with Rachel implies that their relationship may have eventually became a romantic one.

Chloe went as far as saying that she was "rescued from Blackwell bros" by Rachel after Max inquired if she had had crush on her. Despite her relationship with Chloe, Rachel was also romantically involved with Chloe's drug dealer, Frank Bowers. While she attempted to tell her, she ultimately kept it secret in fear of what Chloe would think of her. In the end, Rachel rightly deduced Chloe's anger, as Chloe later believed Rachel also abandoned and betrayed by Rachel because of her relationship with Frank. In aftermath, Chloe still declared her love for Rachel and was visibly devastated by the discovery that she had been killed following her disappearance.

Max discussing her feelings for Chloe in her journal.

As her childhood and best friend, Max was one of the more important figures in Chloe's life after her parents. Though the two eventually learn to get along again when Max returns to Arcadia Bay, some parts of Chloe appeared to still resent Max for leaving and staying gone for five years without contacting her. Though Chloe's temperament toward Max eventually softens, the slightest decision Max made and she considered was not in her favor, often led to a repeated retread of Max's failings as a friend.

The implications of Chloe's romantic feelings for Max are brought to light until the night of their investigation into Rachel's disappearance following the successful or failed suicide attempt by Kate Marsh. Chloe's affection toward Max becomes more forward, particularly during their heart-to-heart in the swimming pool, where Max shares her doubts about her abilities. Their relationship seemingly grows closer when the two escape the school while detected by school security.

Sleeping side-by-side together, Chloe opens up more about Rachel Amber and her desire to see Max become more open with her self-expression, which appears to drive her dare her friend to kiss her. While Max questions and explores the nature of her feelings, Chloe's interest in Max is clear, and dictates much of how she reacts to Max's decisions throughout the day. Chloe's love for Max is clear and strong. In the epicenter of the storm, Chloe is both willing sacrifice herself for Max in order to fix the timeline; says she will always love her and only wishes that Max, who finally admits her feelings for Chloe, doesn't forget her in the end; and will accept Max's decision to let the town die to save her and she promises that she'll always be with Max.

In general, Chloe deals with a constant sense of abandonment and depression following her father's death. Her irrationality often takes the form of blaming others for situations out of their control (blaming Joyce for William's death, despite knowing it wasn't her fault) and counting it among the times they've failed her as friends or family. She will often avoid any responsibility of damaged caused by herself and own presumptions about a persons attention when in her company (Max, if she chooses answer Kate's call), but will, in some instances eventually acknowledge when she was in the wrong and apologize.


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  • If the player does not cover their tracks in the basement after reading David's files, David will accuse Chloe of going through his things.[2] Chloe will threaten to expose David for spying on Kate Marsh (if the player chooses to take a picture of Kate and David instead of intervening), a threat David doesn't take seriously.
  • Chloe's licence plates, "TWN PKS" is a reference to the 1990 drama, Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.
  • If Max interacts with a trashed car in the junkyard she comments that seeing so many wrecked cars must remind Chloe of her dad, referencing the car crash he died in.
  • Chloe's GPA before her expulsion from Blackwell Academy was 1.7. In the alternate timeline however, she had perfect grades, but her disability meant she could not continue her education at Blackwell.
  • According to Michel Koch, Chloe has a belly button piercing that is visible in "Episode 3: Chaos Theory" during the pool scene.[14][note 5]
  • Players speculate that the three-bullet necklace around Chloe's neck represent the number of times she has been shot in the game. First by Nathan ("Chrysalis"), by herself ("Out of Time") and finally by Mark Jefferson ("Dark Room").
  • When asked about Chloe's gender and sexuality, Ashly Burch said she believes that Chloe is both gender and sexually fluid and doesn't confine herself to labels.[15]
  • It's largely suggested throughout Life Is Strange that Chloe's romantic love for Rachel Amber may have been one-sided and was not returned in kind by Rachel.


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