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Deck Nine Game's current logo since the company's re-branding from Idol Minds.

Deck Nine Games (also known as Deck Nine and formerly known as Idol Minds) is an American video game developer located in Westminster, Colorado.[1][2] Deck Nine Games is responsible for the development of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, a prequel to DONTNOD Entertainment's 2015 adventure game, Life Is Strange.


The company became widely known for their 2007 ragdoll physics-based game Pain, which was the most downloaded game on the PlayStation Network in 2009.[3]

They were co-developing Warrior's Lair with SCE San Diego Studio, a game which they used to demonstrate the abilities of the PlayStation Vita at its official presentation at E3 2011, one of the highlights of the launch.[4] but it was cancelled. Their first release is Rally Cross 2 for the PlayStation and their latest is Ratchet: Deadlocked HD for the PlayStation 3.


In May 2017, Idol Minds changed direction to focus on narrative adventure games, and subsequently re-branded the company to do business as Deck Nine Games.[5]

In June 2017, during the Xbox conference at the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Deck Nine released a trailer for the game Life is Strange: Before the Storm. A prequel to the original Life Is Strange, with the first episode of three currently scheduled to be released on 31st August 2017.[6]

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