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Episode 4: Panoptic Icon
Episode 4.jpg
Remember Me
Location(s) La Bastille
Objective Find Madame
Steal Sergeant Vaughn's memory
Steal Madame's memory
Make Frank kill Alexia
Previous Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit
Next Episode 5: Headshot
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"The suffering of being imprisoned rests in the fact that it is impossible, at any time, to escape from oneself."
—Kobo Abe[1]

Episode 4: Panoptic Icon is the fifth level of Remember Me.


Back inside the walls of La Bastille, Nilin must track down Sergeant Vaughn in order to get the schematics of the prison and find the Madame. Amidst the chaos of fighting, Nilin also regains a fragment of her memories; the remixing of Frank Forlan's memories.

Nilin's Introspective

"La Bastille Fortress - the most notorious prison in Europe. Its "patients" have their memories confiscated when they check in. These memories are returned when they have served their sentence. Unable to remember their previous lives, La Bastille's prisoners are convinced that there is nothing to escape to.This twisted penal system is directed by Madame, the ferocious governor of La Bastille. Absolute master of their minds, she is the only key to access the servers in the memory confinement center. After my arrest, it was there that I was locked up with the other Errorists. Now Edge is sending me back, to liberate my comrades... and my confiscated memories! I have to admit, the prospect of returning there fills me with hope and dread in equal measure."
—Nilin Cartier-Wells


Searching the Bastille

Nilin vs. Sergeant Vaughn

As Nilin walks down a hallway, she witnesses Doctor Quaid confronting Sergeant Vaughn over Vaughn's abusive treatment of prisoners, rendering them "trauma victims" in the eyes of Quaid. Vaughn attempts to brush aside Quaid's criticisms when Quaid is summoned by Madame. Quaid promises to bring up Vaughn's deficient conduct to Madame, greatly displeasing Vaughn.

After Quaid leaves and Vaughn walks away, Nilin talks to Edge about her unpleasant memories of Vaughn. Edge presses her to hunt Vaughn down for the security codes in his brain. Nilin follows Vaughn to the entrances of a locker room, where he pauses to boast about cavity searching female prisoners. Nilin follows him inside of the locker room, where a fight ensues.

After the fight, Nilin extracts Vaughn's memories in a manner painful to Vaughn for what he did to her and wipes his brain as revenge for "everything else I can't even remember."

Nilin vs. Madame

The Break Up


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