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Episode 5: Headshot
Episode 5.jpg
Remember Me
Location(s) Saint-Michel district
Objective Find the Memorize Head Office
Steal Gabriel Trace's access codes
Get to Scylla Cartier-Wells
Remix Scylla Cartier-Wells
Make Scylla responsible for the crash
Previous Episode 4: Panoptic Icon
Next Episode 6: Rotten Core
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"The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness."
—Honoré de Balzac[1]

Episode 5: Headshot is the sixth level of Remember Me.


Nilin returns from La Bastille uncertain of her actions and motives. She begins to question the Edge's reasons behind her next mission: remixing the mind of Memorize President, Scylla Cartier-Wells. In the thick of the ruined Saint-Michel district, Nilin faces off with the eccentric S.A.B.R.E. Force captain, Gabriel Trace.

Nilin's Introspective

"The raid on La Bastille ended with nothing but more deception and emotional holes. Sure, Madame's rule has come to an end, but my past still eludes me. Without my memories I have no choice but to follow Edge's instructions with hollow conviction. And despite the atrocities I witnessed in that prison winning me over to the Errorist cause, the recovered memory of my crime is gnawing away at my soul... I pushed a man to suicide. What else have I done? Worse? Edge only sees cause for celebration. Our liberated comrades have remembered their credo and taken up the fight against Sensen technology once more. And now he wants to strike at the heart of the Reconversion Project and smash Memorize forever. His plan? Go for the queen bee. Scylla Cartier-Wells, president of Memorize. I must remix her world view - skew her past and soften her heart. And so I ask myself... Is winning this struggle worth losing my soul? Can one crime justify the reversal of another? The old Nilin seemed to have the answer... As for this Nilin... She doesn't have a clue."
—Nilin Cartier-Wells


Traversing the Flooded City

Nilin vs. Gabriel Trace

Scylla Cartier-Wells

The Crash


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