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Episode 7: Paradise Lost
Episode 7.jpg
Remember Me
Location(s) Mnemopolis
Objective Find Gabriel Trace
Track Trace Down
Steal Trace's Memory
Piece Trace's memory Back Together
Get to the central Security Post
Enable Access to the Conception Cube
Enter the Conception Cube
Previous Episode 6: Rotten Core
Next Episode 8: Sins of our Fathers
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"Humanity is a discontinuous series of free men irreparably isolate their subjectivity."
—Simone de Beauvoir[1]

Episode 7: Paradise Lost is the eighth level of Remember Me.


Nilin enters Mnemopolis with the intention of destroying the Conception Cube, the heart of Sensen and confronting the father she forgot she had: Charles Cartier-Wells. However, in order to achieve her goal she must retrieve the access codes from a deteriorating Gabriel Trace, who survived the clash from their last encounter in Episode 5.

Nilin's Introspective

"The fog of La Bastille has been lifted from me. I can see clearly now. Memorize, Sensen, the Leapers, these horrible, secret experiments: It's all connected. I feel compelled to puncture this false Utopia and rip it apart. I must find the Conception Cube, the heart of Charles Cartier-Wells Mnemopolis. That's where the Sensen curse is kept warm and nurtured, immersed in the cobalt glow of the Memorize central servers. Nothing will stop me from accomplishing this. Not the murderous machines, not the jabbering Leapers, not the father I cannot recollect"
—Nilin Cartier-Wells


Hunting Gabriel Trace

Nilin vs. the Zorn III

Nilin vs. the Mourners

Infiltrating the Conception Cube


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