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The European Civil War is a conflict that occurred in the early 2030s. Warring parties encompassed most of Europe and would last until the late 2070s.[1][2]


Deep economic, energy and climatic crises had weakened countries around the globe since the start of the 21st century, triggering protests across the European continent. The despairing population turned to rioting, uprisings, bloody repression and futile revolutions which tore the region apart during the eight years of this dark period of war.[1][2]

Notable Conflicts[]

December 2040[]

The last days of Chişinäu. After a week of protests and clashes with the police, riots erupted throughout the Moldavian capital. Fires and looting destroyed the city and the army split into loyalist and rebel factions. This marked the start of the European civil war.[1][2]

March 18, 2041[]

The uprising of Berlin. Several dozen people were killed as angry Berliners marched on the Reichstag Palace, strongly opposed to the decision to reform German legislation prohibiting the building of nuclear power stations. The eco-terrorists in the Greenwar movement responded by planting a bomb in the Reichstag Palace.[1][2]

March 2041[]

The “European black spring". After Berlin, riots erupted in many large European cities: Hamburg, Dresden, Bilbao, Grenoble and Prague proclaimed themselves free of communes, and bands of deserters rallied around the insurgents.[1][2]

May 2041[]

May 2041: Mass Exodus. The Schengen space was abolished. The North European Community (alliance of Nordic countries) declared its neutrality and closed its borders.[1][2]

June-September 2041[]

The collapse. Looting by organized gangs spread across two-thirds of Europe. Militia groups formed in urban areas as the last governments lost control of their territories.[1][2]

October 23, 2041[]

Vienna, the martyred city. In response to a call from European leaders, the Russian Federation offered aid to the nations of Western Europe. Three days later commandos unleashed a seismic “Tremora" bomb on the city of Vienna.[1][2]


‘Flu pandemic in Southern Europe. Bilbao was decimated by the epidemic during winter 2043.[1][2]

September 2044[]

Aerial bombardment of Gibraltar by Spanish air forces.[1][2]

June 2045[]

Prague razed to the ground. Three “dirty" nuclear bombs devastated the capital of the Czech Republic; no one claimed responsibility.[1][2]

September 9-12, 2047[]

Paris was destroyed when several seismic “Tremora" bombs exploded under the French capital. Russia fiercely denied ordering the attack, which was considered the last major event of the European civil war.[1][2]