Hannah Telle
Hannah Telle
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Character(s) Max Caulfield
Date of Birth September 18, 1987
Origin Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA
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Hannah Telle is a American actress born in Clearwater Beach, Florida. She provides the voice of Max Caulfield in Life Is Strange.[1]


Telle was born September 18, 1987, in Clearwater Beach, Florida in the United States. She graduated from the North Carolina School of the Arts with a concentration in acting. She studied at the University of Southern California and studied Cinematic Arts, Theatre and Photography.[1]

Telle is accomplished musician, writer and singer, playing the guitar, flute and harp. She once modeled for the Shaun Button's clothing line S.O.B. In 2010 she starred in The Day Abby Went Into David's Backyard and 2011, Over & Out.[2]

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