Hervé Bonin
Herve bonin
Date of Birth Unknown
Origin  ???, France
Profession Programmer,
Production Director

Hervé Bonin is a French Programmer and one of the founders of Dontnod Entertainment, after Jean-Maxime Moris, Aleksi Briclot and Oskar Guilbert.[1][2]


Herve Bonin became Associate and Production Director at DONTNOD Entertainment in July 2008. Prior to his employment at DONTNOD, he was a programmer and lead game designer for Cryonetworks for two years (2001 to 2003).[3]

In 2005, he was the head programmer and for COFRAMI from 2005 to 2006. He was the technical lead at COFRAMI from June 2006 and December of 2006.[3]


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