Jean-Maxime Moris
Moris Jean-Maxime
Date of Birth Unknown
Origin  ???, France
Profession Creative Director,
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Jean-Maxime Moris is a French video game developer and Creative Director. He is one of the founders of Dontnod Entertainment, after Oskar Guilbert, Aleksi Briclot and Alain Damasio.[1][2]


Moris recieved an education at the Audencia Nantes Graduate School of Management (ESC Nantes) from 2000 to 2004, and the Beijing Language and Culture University for a year in 2003. He was a Product Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai in Shanghai City, China for two years from February 2004 to January 2006.[3]

He implemented operational marketing plans for about twenty Ubisoft and third party products from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones[4], Rome: Total War and Football Manager. He negotiated distribution deal terms with third party publishers and dealt with standardized publisher editorial validation processes with governmental authorities.[3]

In February of 2006, he was given the position of Third Party Associate Producer once employed with Ubisoft in Paris, France. Moris established and communicated publisher’s creative feedback on the 2008 game HAZE for the PlayStation 3, developed by Free Radical Design (UK) in abidance with Ubisoft’s editorial analytics tools.[3]

He also handled all creative presentations to Free Radical Design and Ubisoft’s top management. Additionally, he handled localization on HAZE the project and was responsible for the direction of a high level conception of unannounced, AAA third party project.[3]

In August of 2008 Moris and several others collaborated to create the video game studio DONTNOD Entertainment. Since then, he has been the studio's creative director and has remained noted as it one of its founders. He was the creative director for their first game, Remember Me, published by Capcom in June of 2013.[3]

The game originally began under the title Adrift, Sony Entertainment was its publisher and it was planned to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Creative difference, however, led to the split between Sony and DONTNOD, Adrift was re-conceptualized as Remember Me.

Moris federated and directed the creative vision and game design. Working from conception to gold master, working closely with design, art, narrative, audio and music leads. Moris also handled the external communication of the game's vision: undertaking over two hundred live presentations and interviews with publishers and journalists. He established Remember Me's marketing positioning and communicated vision to Capcom. During the game's production he managed four leads directly, fifteen game and level designers, plus three sound designers indirectly.

Moris remains the studio's head for its creative directions for new projects, such as Life Is Strange, a cross-platform game released January 30, 2015.[3]

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