Law of the Stone Age (or Decree no. 56-124) is a term coined by critics to describe the new law decreed against the usage of firearms in the aftermath of the European Civil War that devastated Neo-Paris.[1]



Spring of 2056 saw the French Government pass a law that would ban carrying firearms within the city limits alongside new law and order forces, S.A.B.R.E. Force. The intention of the law was to quell public fears of a populace devastated by the massive losses and death during the war[1]. No one, including military or law enforcement, would be allowed to use guns inside Neo-Paris. The law was approved May 9, 2056[1].

Article One

The first article decrees the following military equipment and arms prohibited by the law included, but were not limited to, semi-automatic or repeating firearms; mortars, flame throwers, automatic pistols, machine pistols; hunting firearms and weapons with gas-propelled or compressed projectiles that generate muzzle flash energy over "ten joules"[1].

Article Two

The second article decrees that the storage, transport or selling of military arms and equipment is prohibited. The law extends to global civilians and public officials with the responsibility of public service, organizations and repression[1]. However, under the stipulation that they weren't handled or put on display for public, firearms that are considered historic or antique were excluded from the law on September 17, 2069. Ceremonial weapons typically associated with military uniforms were also excluded from the law on October 5 of 2069[1].

Article Three

Article three decrees that individuals caught in possession of firearms, ranged or close range will be "neutralized" using any means deemed necessary by authorities. These means includeed close surveillance by Surveillance Drones that are above or beyond the prohibitions of the law[1].


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