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Leapers beauty shot.png
Left to Right: Prowler, Strangler, Skinner
Types Prowler[1]
Strengths Claw attacks
Wall Attacks(Prowler)
Weaknesses Pressen based attacks
Affiliation Johnny Greenteeth
Locations Slum 404
La Bastille
Appearances Antoine's Journal[2]

"Give me your face! Your face!"
—Leaper to a Neo-Paris citizen[3]

Leapers are citizens of Neo-Paris who've formed an addiction to the Sensen implant in their bodies. The abuses of their memories and the implant itself eventually lead to the degeneration of their minds and the mysterious disfigurement of their bodies.[4]



The first emergence of the Leapers began around 2078[2], just a year after Sensen users were beginning to develop addictions to Memorize's technology. As Leaper numbers began to grow within Paris, Memorize goes to great lengths to make the public aware of their presence by warning them to stay away from a Leaper should they spot one.[2]

Events of Remember Me

By 2084, Leapers, like Memory Junkies, have become commonplace among the populace of Neo-Paris. However, Low Paris citizens that live in the Slums are attacked by Leapers in great frequency, while Mid and High Paris citizens are protected by S.A.B.R.E. Force. Within Slum 404, the Leaper colonize and take over the more downtrodden areas of Low Paris and appear to answer to and worship the likes of former La Bastille doctor, Johnny Greenteeth.[3]

The likes of Memorize move to "solve" the growing Leaper crisis; however, instead of searching for a cure, their intention is to enslave the Leapers and force them into roles of authority that makes them subservient to S.A.B.R.E. Force control. Memorize's inhumane tactics are advertised by Scylla Cartier-Wells as the "Reconversion Project", a "humane" way of solving the Leaper problem.[3]

When an amnesiac Nilin Cartier-Wells escapes from the Bastille, she informed is by Errorist leader, Edge, of the partial origins of the Leapers as "cast offs" of Memorize's product. When Nilin is successful in remixing her mother's memories, Scylla decides to abandon the Reconversion Project on the basis that marginalizing a minority within Neo-Paris' populace was a form of unjust prejudice.[5] Thinking oppositely, however, Dr. Sebastian Quaid, wanted to inject his own mind within the psyche of the Leapers in the hopes of creating a single mind, free of individuality.[6]

When Nilin comes to blows with Johnny Greenteeth, he declares his and the Leapers autonomy and right to live free from the control of others. At the same time, he accepts that they are a part of a larger problem connected to Memorize's legacy.[6] However, it isn't until Edge reveals himself as H3O that he claims part of the responsibility in the creation of the Leapers; calling himself the "father" and "grim reaper" of their design.[7]. When he allows himself to be destroyed by Nilin within his Ego Room, the memories of those who've become Leapers were presumably returned to them.[7]



The varied appearances of the Leapers is a result of the abuse of their Sensen devices.[8] The more an individual manipulates or removes their memories, the more their bodies regress; their warped craniums, over-long arms and fingers are just one of the symptoms of memorial degeneration.[8] In accordance, the white blotches on their bodies are symptomatic of the abuse of their Sensens and their minds. Individuals whom become Leapers eventually begin to experience thinning or losing hair and whiteness of eyes. The Senwall, their Sensen implants, are similarly warped by the abuse of their minds and bodies, instead of a static white and yellow, their Senwalls are typically larger than they should be and red, rife with static or constantly glitching.[8]


Leapers are highly aggressive creatures, either when provoked or inciting violence.[3] Depending on their type, the coordination of their attacks and aggressiveness depends on their group numbers and ability to communicate with one another. Their body language is typically hostile; with the exception of the Brute and the Mourner, most Leapers tend to stand hunched over or crouched.[8] Their body language, while initially appearing to be uncoordinated, works to their advantage when attacking the people of Low Paris.[3] Their horde mentality is strengthened by the link they all share through their Sensen implant.

Mourners and Skinners are empowered by proximity of their fellow Leapers and use them to unwittingly manipulate their minds and enhance their own hostile behavior. In rare cases, Leapers will not attack those who approach them. Instead they will run away or hide from immediate sight.[5] Another example of their degenerative mental status are Leapers inability to speak in coherent sentences or in riddles. They communicate with each other through broken sentences or loud yelps. Leapers who live in the Slums and have been jettisoned from La Bastille identity each other by freeing the recently freed Leaper from their coffins.


  • The name "Leaper" is likely a play on the term Leprosy[9], a rare but curable infectious disease that causes skin lesions and nerve damage.


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