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Life Is Strange (Limited Edition Soundtrack)
Life Is Strange (Limited Edition Soundtrack Release)
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Date Released

NAJanuary 19th, 2016
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EUJanuary 22, 2016

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1:19:07 (approx.)

Life Is Strange (Limited Edition Soundtrack) is the official release of the original soundtrack for the Limited Edition release of the 2015 adventure game of the same name. Released January 19, 2016 in North America by Square Enix, the Limited Edition Soundtrack features all fourteen licensed tracks used in all five original episodes, including tracks from Syd Matters, and eight original compositions composed by Jonathan Morali. The Limited Edition Soundtrack is only available with the purchase of the Limited Edition release of the game for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.


The original score for Life Is Strange was composed by Jonathan Morali, the frontman of Syd Matters. Like the licensed and demo tracks featured in the game, Morali's score reflects the "folk" and "indie" atmosphere DONTNOD Entertainment aimed to capture with the beginning of episodic series. The score itself is reflective of the gradual progression of the game's darker themes and the overall relationship of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price.


The Limited Edition release of Life Is Strange was announced November 12, 2015[1] and later released in January 2016.[2] In conjunction with a physical release for all five episodes for Seventh Generation Video Game Console, the Limited Edition included a physical Compact Disc release of the original soundtrack, featuring artwork used in Episode 4, "Dark Room".[2]

Official Tracklisting

# Title Composer Length
1 "To All of You" Syd Matters 4:45
2 "Crosses" José González 2:43
3 "Santa Monica Dream" Angus & Julia Stone 5:31
4 "Piano Fire" Sparklehorse 2:44
5 "Something Good" alt-J 3:39
6 "Mt. Washington" Local Natives 3:17
7 "Lua" Bright Eyes 4:30
8 "Kids Will Be Skeletons" Mogwai 5:30
9 "In My Mind" Amanda Palmer 4:16
10 "Mountains" Message to Bears 3:54
11 "Got Well Soon" Breton 4:52
12 "The Sense of Me" Mud Flow 2:34
13 "Spanish Sahara" Foals 6:50
14 "Obstacles" Syd Matters 3:31
15 "Golden Hour" Jonathan Morali 2:41
16 "The Storm" Jonathan Morali 1:48
17 "Blackwell Academy" Jonathan Morali 3:02
18 "Kate" Jonathan Morali 1:38
19 "Timeless" Jonathan Morali 1:56
20 "Timelines" Jonathan Morali 3:21
21 "Night Walk" Jonathan Morali 2:35
22 "Max & Chloe" Jonathan Morali 3:26



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