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Remember Me Wiki

The front page of DONTNOD Entertainment's English website circa 2016.

A Website or web site is a social media link often created and maintained by group or singular webmaster that curates information regarding a particular product, technology, or cultural phenomenon. In the advent of the 21st century, fansites and official websites alike have been used to the advantage of promoting small and major liscened products. The following below is a list of websites affiliated with DONTNOD Entertainment games unless otherwise noted.

Official Websites

Remember Me


  • - The official website for the adventure-horror game VAMPYR.
  • VampyrGame - The official Facebook page for the adventure-horror game VAMPYR.
  • VAMPYR @VampyrGame - The official Twitter account for the adventure-horror game VAMPYR.

Life Is Strange


  • Remember Me Game - A fansite dedicated to Remember Me
  • lifeisstrangegame - The unofficial tumblr account and the first fan account on tumblr created (circa 2014) for Life Is Strange.