Life Is Strange Gameplay
Max Camera
Max with her original camera
Max's Camera
Wielder Max Caulfield[1], William Price[1] (formerly)
Origin Birthday gift from her parents; "thank you" gift from Chloe
Out of Universe Information
Game Life Is Strange

"Max's Camera" is a major gameplay element in Life Is Strange. Used by the character Max Caulfield, Max's camera is used primarily to complete optional photograph objectives around specific locations in Arcadia Bay. Max has a retro instant photo camera. 


When Max was a child, Mr. and Mrs. Caulfield gave her a Polaroid camera, a type of instant camera, typically manufactured by the Polaroid Corporation. As a result, Max maintained her interest and desire to become a photographer until she reached adult age.

When the Caulfields moved to Seattle, Max perfected her skills as a photographer and was later accepted into Blackwell Academy over the summer of 2013. Despite the advancement of cameras and the digital age, Max maintained the use of analog cameras, despite the rising expenses of analog camera film and the work that went into maintaining them.

Following the manifestation of her rewind ability, Max broke her camera. She convinced herself that she could in fact control time by undoing the mistake of knocking it off of her desk during class with Mark Jefferson. Following her class, she met Warren Graham in the Blackwell Academy Parking Lot and was attacked by Nathan Prescott for speaking to Ray Wells about the incident in the bathroom with Chloe Price.

When she managed to push him off of her, her camera presumably crushed when she fell over. In Chloe Price's truck, she realized the camera is broken and tried to repair it at the Price household, but was unsuccessful. After learning Max saved her from being shot, Chloe gave Max her father's camera, another instant camera, to replace the one she lost in exchange for her photograph of the Blue Butterfly.


For an extensive overview of the optional photograph achievement, please see to the Walkthroughs for Life Is Strange

One of the major themes of Life Is Strange is photography. As the introductory episode, "Chrysalis" introduces the player into Max's world by filtering the levels with photo opportunities.

At many points of the game you can discover subjects Max can take a photo of. By doing so you are rewarded with a trophy or an achievement and can look at the picture afterwards in the menu of the game.


  • Whenever Max takes a photograph, she shakes the picture before placing it in her bag.
  • Individuals who use Polaroid cameras are typically advised to never "shake" the photograph. Shaking the photograph does not help develop the photograph faster and actually damages the quality of picture taken. This does however only apply to newer film (post 70's). [2][3][4][5]
  • Max's camera is based on Polaroid JobPro, camera Chloe gave her is based on Polaroid Image/Spectra. Keep in mind DONTNOD artists only used this as reference, real world cameras look slightly different




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