Mesmerize is a special vampire ability used by Jonathan E. Reid. [1][2]


Mesmerize is a special ability learned at an undetermined point of VAMPYR. Mesmerize allows Reid to subdue a human and force them to obey his every command.[1]

Mesmerize is a crucial special ability. In order to feed off of a victim in discreet areas where Reid cannot be seen[2], players will have to gauge their will. A weak willed human may be more susceptible to the suggestion of the mesmerize ability[2], but a human with a stronger will may be able to resist Reid multiple times.

The imperative to increase the mesmerize ability's strength is constant. Mesmerize can compel Reid's victims to allow him entrance to their homes without being formally invited, allowing him easier access to them or their families. Mesmerize can also be used to interrogate victims and gain crucial information on them or others. The more information gained on victims, the more familiar they will be to Reid and the player.[1]


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