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Nilin discovers a Mnesists Memory
Type Journal entry (Collectible)
Total 40[1]
Description Historical preservation of Neo-Paris history
Location(s) See: List of Mnesist Memories
First Appearance Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech
Game Remember Me

"The Mnesist NGO gives access to the cultural memories of Neo-Paris, in an effort to fight all forms of ignorance caused by memory loss."
—Official description[2]

Mnesist Memories are a type of journal entry scattered throughout Neo-Paris. A total of forty Mnesists can be found in Remember Me, unlocked in no specific order.[1]


Mnesists Memories were created by a agency unaffiliated with the Neo-Paris government or, Memorize corporation, with an interest in preserving the history and technology of Neo-Paris, prior to the European Civil War and its development afterward, in light of the memory loss caused by the use of the Sensation Engine.[1] Civilians are able to access Mnesists, which uses an algorithm how many times a Mnesists Memory is liked, remembered, forgotten, and when a memory is shared.[2]


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