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"Perky Maggie"
Perky Maggie.jpg
Biographical Information
Name "Perky Maggie"
Real Name Unknown
Full Name Unknown
Nicknames Perky Maggie
Known Aliases
Cause of Death
Citizenship French
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Career Information
Affiliations Plati News
Occupation(s) News Reporter, Gossip Columnist
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance Remember Me
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
Motion Capture

Perky Maggie is a television personality in Neo-Paris.


Perky Maggie is a representative of Plati News.[1] She runs a segment called “Maggie said it First”, ‘politically incorrect news’ where she interviews and reports gossip on high profile personalities of Neo-Paris.[2]

Maggie appears largely throughout Neo-Paris on billboards and television sets, reporting incidents that happened moments ago or otherwise noted. Whether or not she is a product of artificial intelligence or human is never explicitly revealed in the story.

Maggie’s reports

"Low Life/Low Tech"

Nilin's escape

"Scandal at La Bastille! The Administration has admitted to the escape of the notorious criminal Nilin! How the hell to public enemy number one escape from the amnesia cathedral? Does anyone see Edge’s hand in this? He promised to bring down our civilization! One thing is certain, the number of Errorists roaming our beloved city have doubled overnight, bringing the count to two. Remember Maggie told you first!"
—Maggie regarding Nilin's escape[3]

The Sedovas

"Good morning! Here’s a riddle: who was that storm cloud seen flying towards Slum 404 through dawn’s early light? Olga Sedova… through hail and sleet like a dread bird of prey! No doubt the infamous bounty hunter is on the trail of Errorist escapee, Nilin! Remember, dear brain peepers, it was Olga and her husband David who place 37 Errorists in amnesia cells, winning the Dead or Alive prize in 2082. Good luck Olga! She’ll need it working solo. Rumors of David’s illness abound! We hope he recovers soon."
—Maggie regarding Olga and David Sedova[3]


Kaori Sheridan

"The day after tomorrow the Concorde Gardens inauguration ceremony will open the most recent architectural delirium tremor from the mind of urbanist Kaori Sheridan. We already owe her our thanks for the renovation of Neo-Paris. Now with a chlorophyll fairyland under a filter dome, residents can experience nature once again. Kaori Sheridan's creations: as good as reality can get."
—Maggie on Kaori Sheridan[2]

"High Tension/Deep Exit"

Plati News Report

"As emergency teams flounder in the wake of the Saint Michel flood, enigmatic Errorist leader, known simply as Edge, has taken credit for his outrageously cool act of sabotage. The botched arrested of Kinky memory burglar, Nilin, Errorist and Edge's current fun-buddy, seem to confirm the Errorist leader's claims. Chief of S.A.B.R.E. Force, Captain 'square-jaw-tight-pants' Trace, has promised a take-no prisoners approach to counter this threat to Neo-Paris."
—Maggie on the Saint-Michel Flood[1]

Interview with Gabriel Trace

Perky Maggie: "Welcome to 'Maggie Said it First', your daily politically incorrect news source and general blabathon. My couch warmer today is Captain Gabriel Trace, the oh-so-serious chief of S.A.B.R.E. Force. Howdy Captain! How would you gauge the Errorist threat?"
Gabriel Trace: "We’re witnessing the last desperate acts of a dying movement."
Perky Maggie: "Really? A headline sabotage, a crazy-ass flood, thousands of civilians doing the hobo shuffle, and Molotov street parties in the poorer districts. And we have public enemy number one – that mad cat Nilin still at large. This ‘dying movement’ is up and dancing on the tables!"
Gabriel Trace: "S.A.B.R.E. Forces are deployed around Slum 404 to deter any spread of civil unrest! Chaos shall not be allowed to rule. As for Nilin, her old cell is being made ready at the Bastille."
Perky Maggie: "Thank you honey-buns! I’m sure the few citizens that aren’t rioting now feel totally reassured. This is Perky Maggie telling it like it is."
—Perky Maggie and Gabriel Trace[1]

"Panoptic Icon"

Metro Crash

"Latest Explosive Flash: I've just received news from an unofficial source that a terrible metro accident has just occurred in Slum 404. Surprising because no line has run in this district for nearly fifty years. Another sabotage by Edge and his little girlfriend? Or could it be an attempt to draw tourists to this rotten district with an imitation of the Ghost Train? Whatever the origins, it is a scoop, and Maggie told you first!"
—Perky Maggie[4]


Following Nilin's encounter with Gabriel Trace and stealing his memories, Perky Maggie's broadcast reporting on Olga Sedova's "change of heart" toward Memorize can be heard overhead.[5]