Heads-up display Display of the Sensen Wheel during combat

Pressens are fighting moves that can augment Nilin's fighting styles. In order to use these moves, Nilin must earn and spend Procedural Mastering Power (PMP), which drops from fallen enemies. The longer combos used to dispatch enemies, the more PMP drops.


There are 24 Pressens in the game, which fall into four families of Pressens: Regen, Power, Cool down, and Chain. A Pressen will be more or less efficient depending on its position within a combo.


Symbol Name Primary Function
Pressen - Chain.png
Chain Chain Pressens duplicate a previously used Pressen in a combo chain and doubles its effectiveness. Longer chains increase multiplier, making it highly effective to place multiple Chain Pressens in order at the tail end of a lengthier combo. Nilin can only learn four Chain Pressens.
Fighting Style: Tai Chi.
Damage: +15 damage
Pressen - Cool Down.png
Cool Down

Cool down Pressens inflict minimal damage, yet decrease the wait to use S-Pressens. Cool down Pressens are crucial against enemies that are only weak against S-Pressen attacks and there will be situations when Nilin will have to use S-Pressens frequently with lengthy cool downs like "Sensen DOS" or "Rust in Pieces".
Fighting Style: Capoeira.
Damage: +15 damage, -10 cooldown

Pressen - Power.png
Power Power Pressens major damage to enemies and help Nilin defeat enemies quicker than usual. Their benefits are to breaking defensive guards (example: Skinners) and can "Memory Overload" finishing moves against S.A.B.R.E. Force Enforcers.
Fighting Style: Judo, karate.
Damage: +40 base damage, +15 damage
Pressen - Regen.png
Regen Regen Pressens allow Nilin to regenerate health during active combat. They cause minimal, a benefit that should be used in battle tactics to help the player locking Achievements/Trophies. Regen Pressens are extremely useful in large battles and against Elite Enforcers whose electric armor inflicts damage with each hit.
Fighting Style: Taekwondo.
Damage: +15 damage, +9 Heal

Pressen Types

Symbol Pressen Effect
Pressen Types-01.png
Launcher No effect
Pressen Types-02.png

Increased damage

Pressen Types-03.png
Regen Light damage, regenerates health
Pressen Types-04.png
Cool Down Light damage, reduces S-Pressen Cool Down
Pressen Types-05.png
Chain Duplicates prior Pressen


S-Pressens are unique moves players can use similar to regular Pressens. S-Pressens, however, are not directly linked to the Combo Lab and cannot be placed in combo chains. In order to use S-Pressens, players must perform several successful combos to build up their Focus resource, which grows every time Nilin hits or is hit by enemies.

There are 5 S-Pressens in Remember Me, all unlocked throughout the story:
Pressen Description
Sensen Fury 60 second cooldown
Sensen DOS

180 second cooldown

Sensen RIP 180 second cooldown
Sensen Camo 180 second cooldown
Logic Bomb 180 second cooldown


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