"Is this a dream, my child? Am I awake? Is this anger I feel? Is this wrath? I think it is! Oh, how infinitely, how intensely, how irredeemably are you all going to suffer now!"
—The Red Queen upon awakening
Red Queen
Biographical Information
Species Primal Vampire
Real Name
Full Name
Nicknames The Morrigan, The Red Goddess, The Queen of Blood
Known Aliases
Cause of Death
Family Myrddin Wyltt (Son)
Citizenship None
Physical Description
Blood Quality
Will None
Eye Color None
Hair Color None
Career Information
Affiliations Unknown
Occupation(s) Unknown
Allies Unknown
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance VAMPYR
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
Motion Capture

The Red Queen is an ancient Vampire entity that slumbers underneath London and awakens every few centuries, causing plagues and calamities. She is the root of all vampires and the main antagonist of VAMPYR.

Official Description




Early Life

The Red Queen was worshiped in many forms during the ancient time one of them is The Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war. At an unknown period of time she gave birth to Myrddin, who despite being her rival she seems to care deeply for as her "most amusing" son. For some unknown reasons she went into slumber and each time she awakes she cause plagues and calamities upon the people of Britain using bitter and resentful women as her means by turning them into Disasters. This provokes her son Myrddin into transforming a human into a vampire in order to stop her.

Over the centuries, her waking periods have provoked the formation of a cult, the Druid Order that started to worship her as the Blood Goddess. When roused, her influence manifests as the "blood of hatred", a strange infection that serves as a vector for lethal plagues among the living and amplifies the hunger of vampires into destructive madness. The blood of hatred comes into the world through a "Disaster", a woman who willingly lets the Red Queen punish the world through her, and who serves as "patient zero" for both the mortal and vampiric versions of the plague. If the Disaster is defeated, the Red Queen can use the blood to craft an avatar as a last-ditch effort to protect the spread of the plague, although this is not nearly at her full strength and she returns to slumber if defeated.

Event of VAMPYR


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