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Remember Me: Cubed
Remember Me Cubed (Issue Cover).jpg
Official cover for Cubed
Writer Matt Kindt
Penciller Matthew Southworth
Artist(s) Matthew Southworth (interior),
Matthew Wilson (colorist)
Cover artist Aleksi Briclot
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Language English
Publication date May 2013[1]
Pages 24 (entire book)
10 (actual story)
14 (Artbook preview)
Price $0.00[2]
ISBN Unknown
UPC Unknown

Remember Me: Cubed is a ten-page one-shot comic published by Dark Horse Comics and written by Matt Kindt. Cubed follows the story of Nilin Cartier-Wells on the run from Neo-Paris authorities after she is framed for murder.[1]

Official Description

"In the exclusive print comic, Nilin’s undercover mission at a high-society party is compromised when her target is assassinated. Now she has to manipulate the crowd’s memories to avoid being framed for the murder. Who better to write this tale of “mind management” than Eisner Award nominee Matt Kindt!"

Publication History

Announced early May 2013, Remember Me: Cubed was advertised by an online Dark Horse Comics press release as a pre-order exclusive available only at Gamestop stores or[1] Players who pre ordered Remember Me likely received the one shot comic over the counter or through the mail depending on the means of purchasing the game prior to its June 4, 3013 release. Remember Me: Cubed contained a thirteen page preview of The Art of Remember Me.[1] Other pre-order incentives included the Combo Lab Pack for both the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Steam platform.[3]