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Remember Me (2013)

Nilin Cartier-Wells struggles to uncover her memories in the midst of a conspiracy.

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The Pandora Archive

A downloadable novella and the prequel to Remember Me.

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Remember Me: Cubed

A comic of Nilin on the run from Neo-Paris authorities after she is framed for murder.

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Strategy Guide

An instructional strategy guide for Remember Me.

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Remember Me (2013)
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Remember Me PS3.jpg

Remember Me is third-person action-adventure game developed by French studio DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Capcom. Remember Me was released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on June 4, 2013 in North America. The player takes control of Nilin, a Memory hunter on the run from a watch-dog society that controls the very memories of its citizens. [Read More]

About DONTNOD Entertainment

Dontnod Entertainment (stylized DONTNOD Entertainment) is a independent developer based in Paris, France. The company was co-founded by Hervé Bonin, Aleksi Briclot, Alain Damasio, Oskar Guilbert and Jean-Maxime Moris in June 2008 along with other ex-Criterion, Ubisoft and EA staff. They are best known for their debut title, Remember Me and the 2015 adventure game, Life Is Strange. [Read More]

Featured Character
H3O Profile.jpg
Humanity 3.0, nicknamed, H3O, is the A.I. of Mnemopolis' Conception Cube and true identity of Edge. H3O is an A.I. created by Charles Cartier-Wells. The monitor for the memory server, H3O maintained the Conception Cube and its ability to store memories from the Neo-Paris populace.

Initially, H3O was not sentient, but awoke into self-awareness after the traumatic memories of a young Nilin Cartier-Wells wandered into the memory sever. In effect, he was created by the misery of Nilin some twenty years ago. His first memory is the sound of Nilin crying as a child. [Read More]

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Lily Ford Lily Ford 19 June 2016

VAMPYR Gameplay Demo Details from E3 2016

ZAM.COM: Vampyr brings an innovative RPG leveling system to E3

Written by Laura Michet

"In Vampyr, Dontnod's upcoming RPG, you literally suck XP out of the necks of your foes.


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Lily Ford Lily Ford 25 May 2016

VAMPYR at E3 2016

According to gaming website, Hardcore Gamer, DONTNOD Entertainment will be showing off their 2017 slated game, VAMPYR at the E3 2016.

The news comes directly from, a re…

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Lily Ford Lily Ford 25 February 2015

Life Is Strange on Sale at Newegg

If you're looking for a place to buy Life Is Strange for a reasonable price, then check out Episodes one through five are available for $7.50 / 63% off.

Region free Steam…

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Lily Ford Lily Ford 30 January 2015


DONTNOD Entertainment's Life Is Strange has been released and the reception for "Episode 1: Chrysalis" is as varying/middling as Remember Me to an extent, but with a much warmer rece…

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Lily Ford Lily Ford 6 June 2014

Dontnod Entertainment creating a game for Square Enix

Good news, guys. It would appear Dontnod Entertainment is looking to collaborate (or, honestly, already has) with Final Fantasy developer, Square Enix on a brand new game! IGN Repo…

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