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SAT Patch.jpg
Nilin finds a SAT Patch
Type Health
Total 25 (SAT Patches)[1]
Description Increase maximum health
Location(s) see: Locations
First Appearance Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech
Game Remember Me (video game)

The SAT Patch and the SAT Hatch are free medical services provided in Neo-Paris.[2]


SAT Patches

Named SomAgent, the SAT Patch was designed to provide immediate medical attention among the populace of Neo-Paris. The SAT Patch is often administered through terminals, called SAT Hatches, as an automatic service that provides nonsurgical care, monitors the resilience of the patients it monitors, and offers preventative and curative using nano-technology.[2]

The healing agent provided in the SAT Patch restore the body to the proper level of physical fitness, and were originally intended for S.A.B.R.E. Force use, however, are also sold on the black market.[2]

SAT Hatches

SAT Hatches are subscription-based machines that provide full diagnostic service and care, depending on the type of injuries or illnesses, so long as serious medical attention is not required. SAT Hatches are single-use by design and are restricted to first aid only, they cannot collect personal data from those who use it.[2]

SAT Hatches were recently installed across the city by local authorities to help those "less fortunate". While it is subscription-based, the service provided by SAT Hatches are free.[2]


SAT Patches and Sat Hatches in Remember Me are used to increase and restore Nilin Cartier-Wells' health gauge. Nilin begins the game with five "health chunks", roughly 100 HP, but can reach maximum health, but gaining an additional SAT Patches. Nilin's maximum health can reach up to 1,000 HP by locating all 25 SAT Patches in the game.[1]

When minimal or maximum health is lost during combat or platforming, lost health can be regained with two methods: Regen Pressens, and finding the nearest SAT Hatch. SAT Hatches are single-use only and are almost always located in combat arenas where Nilin is required to fight to progress to the next level. SAT Hatches and SAT Patches can be located on the map.[1]


SAT Patches

SAT Hatches