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Scaramechs Profile.png
Front view of a Scaramech
Type Collectible
Description Non-use. Pests in Neo-Paris
Location(s) See: Locations
First Appearance Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit
Game Remember Me

Scaramechs are a type of "robotic vermin" that populate the city of Neo-Paris.


Scaramechs are pests of an unknown origin, thought to have been standard machines that evolved and gained sentience.[1] They behave similarly to rodents, occupying small spaces within populated areas. Scaramech feed on information ports and energy outlets situated out the digitally dependent Neo-Paris to feed on the digital waste created by the population in any given environment.


Scaramechs have no recorded history to trace from. It's widely speculated that Scaramechs are knockoffs of a Industrial Junk Scavenging Program that originated in Japan that were designed for recycling industrial waste during the twenty first century.[1]

As the Scaramech continued to feed on "memo-data" within Neo-Paris and stored fragmented data in their synthetic memory, the population grew out of control. Neo-Paris' local authorities believed Scaramechs were not a threat to the human populace and did nothing to curb their growing numbers, ignoring potential threat they posed to society if they were ever became predatory. On account of material damages caused by Scaramechs, Neo-Paris authorities began carrying out assessments of the machines.[1]


Scaramechs are collectibles in Remember Me. A total of 55 Scaramechs exist in the game. Scaramechs can be destroyed with the Spammer or a single shot from the Junk Bolt. Destroying a Scaramech gives Nilin 200 PMP, salvaged from the Scaramech's synthetic memory.



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