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Type: Text
Date: 28, March, 2013
Subject: Antoine Cartier-Wells; Memorize
Series: Memorize: The Beginning
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Transcript: I have the name, i have the concept, and I know the heights of where i want all of this to lead. I find myself perplexed by seemingly the simplest task, allowing myself to choose one of my sketched logo’s, is proving the most taxing chore of all.

My real work slots in with every free waking moment, nestled somewhere between Molly and studying, although Molly is becoming more and more of an integral aspect of my research. Her presence and creative mind often venture places mine will not allow.

University, though unchallenging, it is an experience. People’s attitudes and motivations are fascinating and I dream of the time when my Sensen will be ready; to recognise these simple yearnings and translate them into something tangible, something that will eventually make languages obsolete and bind people beyond the borders of language.[1]