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Type: Text
Date: 22 May, 2013
Subject: Antoine Cartier-Wells; Sensen
Series: Memorize: The Beginning
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Transcript: There’s money in sex, that’s for sure, but I don’t want Sensen to be ‘that sex app’. How to have fun with this ability to read sexual arousal without being seen as a gimmick and undermining the real work we need to do. It’s tricky, but a part of me would rather leave completely than become known as a sex gadget guru. Our bodies can’t lie. if we are hungry, thirsty or feeling sexy, the body gives off signals. We are at the mercy of our urges. Sensen simply communicates this to the matrix of exchange. Which is just a way of connecting to desire and release, to enable brands and consumer profiling to pinpoint when its best to sell us something. I sometimes feel like a digital shopkeeper, sometimes barely that… [1]