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Type: Text
Date: 20 May, 2013
Subject: Antoine Cartier-Wells; Memorize
Series: Memorize: The Beginning
Link: Link
Transcript: Just finished reading Raw Shark Texts. It seems to me this is what Sensen is potentially all about. By preserving memory as part of an emotional state, or even experience, then we get closer to some kind of truth, a kind of verifiable story…that’s an exciting part of the future that machines can ironically or not, help us with!

So we have chemical memory, digital memory and also fictional memory, which is in effect the one that affects us the most. Sensen has to help articulate our stories, thats it, thats finally what I see as my goal. In a world of conflict, disaster and personal loss, we can help make everyones life a better story..[1]

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