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Type: Text
Date: 21 March, 2013
Subject: Antoine Cartier-Wells; Molly Cartier-Wells
Series: Memorize: The Beginning
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Transcript: My first trip out of Paris has lead me to a scholarship in San Francisco where I can work and develop my vision for the Sensation Engine. San Francisco is a revelation. The people, the city, I can hardly recognise myself amongst the organised chaos.
And of course, as always, there’s a girl.
My eidetic memory has never allowed or encouraged me to form strong relationships, but this one girl, there is something about her I can’t quite put my finger on… My first, and only encounter with her came when she went out of her way to point me in the right direction. She must have recognised how clearly lost I was….
As she walked away, leaving me bewildered and embarrassed, I managed to awkwardly blurt out the simplest of questions. With a wry smile & without breaking stride she shouted back “Molly”.[1]