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Type: Text
Date: 25 April, 2013
Subject: Antoine Cartier-Wells; Molly Cartier-Wells
Series: Memorize: The Beginning
Link: Link
Transcript: Molly has been great and introduced me to all her friends. It’s still a novel feeling, being a central piece of the social puzzle, but they all seem happy to wear my silly looking headset and answer all my questions.

I knew nobody when I arrived here, and now I feel I fit in. People understand what I’m about, because in some way it’s what they want to do too. To live without borders, to talk without walls…isn’t this what we all want?

In many ways we are so different, but she totally understands my obsession with data and data flow! There would be no sensen without her; I’d just be a clever guy without a clue.

Her sense of design will also help this clumsy headset look cool and more “with it.” It will be a device that can live in the world without being laughed at![1]