Serena de Mouroux
Serena de Mouroux
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Character(s) Max Caulfield
Date of Birth July 27, 1997[1][2]
Origin  ???, France
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Serena de Mouroux (also known as Serena de Mouroux-Phelan[1]) is a French-American actress. She provides the motion capture performance of Max Caulfield in Life Is Strange.[3][1]


Serena was born July 1997 to a French-Vietnamese mother and an American father with German-Irish ancestry. She is bilingual, holds dual citizenship in America and France and lives in Los Angeles. In an interview with New York Magazine, she was born in France, but lived in Los Angeles for twelve years at the time of the interview.[4] Her career began in 2005 when began participating in dance competitions.[1]

She was classically trained in theater, classical and modern dance (such as Ballet and Modern Jazz), where a bulk of her career was made prior to her entrance in film and video games. In film, she appeared in the 2012 feature, Small Players and provided the voice and motion capture of Jen in David Cage's 2012 video game, Beyond Two Souls.[1]

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