Spring is a tactical skill in Vampyr. It allows Jonathan Reid to move very fast towards an enemy by way of a supernatural burst of speed.

In-game Description

The common belief that Vampires can disappear into thin air is misleading. Rather, they can greatly increase their speed with blood, moving so fast that to human eyes it appears as if they appear and reappear at will. Correctly used, this ability can be offensive or defensive, depending on the Vampire's state of mind.

"It's too easy to catch up to your prey with spring ... it's almost boring when they start running..."


When an enemy is targeted, Spring enables Jonathan Reid to instantly shoot towards that enemy, in a move similar to when he jumps up to a ledge or across a wide gap. The move also deals Shadow damage onto the target when reached.

In all levels, Spring has a long range (it is meant to be deployed from a distance, but can be used for short distances as well) and an attack area of 2m.

Upper path

This path increases the amount of Shadow damage inflicted upon impact, and also keeps the recovery time lower.

Lower path

This path adds Stun damage to the attack, in addition to the Shadow damage. If the target is already stunned, Jonathan Reid will automatically bite them.


Level Cost Recovery Damage XP cost Required level
1 10.0 10.0 20 Shadow 500 5
2 10.0 5.0 40 Shadow 1000 6
Upper path
3 10.0 5.0 120 Shadow 1500 12
4 10.0 5.0 200 Shadow 2250 18
5 10.0 5.0 250 Shadow 3000 24
Lower path
3 10.0 5.0 50 Shadow
15 Stun
1500 12
4 10.0 5.0 50 Shadow
20 Stun
2250 18
5 10.0 5.0 50 Shadow
30 Stun
3000 24
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