Leaper Strangler 02
Types Leaper[1]
HP 250
PMP Gain 100
Overload[2] No
Pressen Hits[3] None
Regen Pressen[4] 1.0
Ring Out No
Sensen Fury[5] No
Sensen DOS[6] Yes
Basic Attacks Claw attack
Special Attacks Invisibility
Weaknesses Well lit areas
Affiliation Johnny Greenteeth
Locations Slum 404, La Bastille
Appearances Antoine's Journal[7]

"What was that?!"
—Nilin when she spots a Strangler[1]

Stranglers are a common Leaper enemy-type first encountered in Episode 3 of Remember Me.


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Stranglers are one of the three Leaper types that have developed an ability to manipulate their damaged Sensen implants. Stranglers can become invisible in the darkness and attack Nilin from anywhere. If Nilin is stuck in the dark with a Strangler, she'll have to dodge and avoid them. Stranglers are stronger than Prowlers.

Nilin will have to use Sensen DOS to interrupt their invisibility ability or use whatever light source is immediately available to her. Logic bombs can also stun them and break their invisibility, but is not recommended.


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